A new law (ORS 602) mandates that Oregon’s local governments (cities and counties) review with consideration of the, also newly,  mandated “Best Practices…for Residential Beekeeping” from Oregon State University, the various government rules, codes and ordinances relating to residential beekeeping and by January 1, 2019 make any changes. The OSBA and its Regional Associations will aid in this review and provide on-going future assistance and expertise to  local governments and beekeepers as the new law is implemented. The OSBA and each Regional Association will have one or more “Residential Beekeeper Experts,” on call and designated to provide assistance.

Presenter: Dr. Mike Rodia

Ralph (Mike) Rodia (a Life Member of the OSBA and the WVBA) has a PhD in Organic Chemistry, was a research scientist, educator, occupational health inspector and supervisor (OSHA), Oregon Chief Deputy Stat Fire Marshal, and has been active in the OSBA at both the state and regional levels for the last twenty years or so.  His experience in the preparation and implementation of laws and rules has allowed him in the past, and now as OSBA’s Agricultural Liaison, to interact with governmental agencies at all levels to foster and advance beekeeping in Oregon, particularly as it relates to Residential Beekeeping.