In agriculture, where is the easy money? Could it be commercial beekeeping? Four hives were so much fun! And then 40 provided not only fun, but adventure! 400 just has to be ten times the fun and some income to boot. Could 4000 hives be the key to “easy money” in agriculture? With the help of respected OSBA members, Harry takes us down memory lane in his love and life as a beekeeper. Has Harry and his fellow beekeepers achieved a position in the land of “easy money”?

We’ll take a look.

Presenter: Harry Vanderpool, Vanderpool Farms

Harry Vanderpool has been a beekeeper for 25 years in the south hills of Salem, Oregon. Vanderpool Farms is now a family operation providing pollination services and farm direct honey. He has served as Vice President and President of the Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association and Vice President and President of the Oregon State Beekeepers Association. Harry enjoys working with stakeholders and sometimes conflicting agricultural sectors in a balanced manner to find solutions that will offer meaningful pollinator protection strategies.