The Bee Informed Partnership’s Northwest Tech Team has been assisting beekeepers for the past four years now. This talk serves as an update on the progress the team has made in the beekeeping community. Beekeepers have used the team’s sampling efforts in creative ways through field trials. I will describe some of these trials and how they’ve directly affected the beekeeper’s operation. On a larger scale, we took on some field studies that address issues we’ve observed in this region. I will discuss our findings from a study on pesticide exposure in almond pollination and a study on horizontal Varroa mite transmission in carrot seed pollination.

Presenter: Ellen Topitzhofer


Ellen Topitzhofer became interested in honey bees while studying plant genetics and breeding at the University of Minnesota. She then hit the road to study honey bee nutrition as part of her MS at Oregon State University. She fell in love with the Willamette Valley, the final resting ground of our ancestors who traveled the Oregon Trail. Since then, she’s been working with commercial beekeepers all over the Northwest under the Bee Informed Partnership’s Tech Transfer Team. She’s spent her four years with the Tech Team mastering on-the-ground testing, secret-keeping, and applicable research. Her hobbies include: keeping her own bees alive, talking about bees, and queen rearing.