Honey Bee Analyses

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The OSU Honey Bee Lab will have a mobile lab in the OSU Room at the conference on Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and take a look! You will have an opportunity to see how the lab members Hannah Lucas and Carolyn Breece analyze honey bee samples for Nosema, Varroa mite counts, and dissect bees for tracheal mites and hypopharyngeal glands. The OSU team can also tell you about current research projects and extension events. Honey bee samples may be dropped off for varroa and/or nosema analysis to be completed within 1-2 weeks after the conference.

Research Assistants: Carolyn Breece and Hannah Lucas

Collecting Samples for Analyses: Please collect live bees in a leak-proof container, place in freezer to kill, then deliver frozen or in alcohol.  While live-collected samples are preferred, we will accept samples of bees collected when dead. Please understand that results from samples collected dead will not be as informative; they cannot provide an entirely accurate picture of the colony’s disease/parasite status. Please carefully label your sample with sample date, location, and hive identifier, and e-mail address.

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